Mission Opportunity 2014: Engaging God’s Children in Our Neighborhoods

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For Mission Opportunity 2014 we will take a community engagement approach. We’ll go deeper into our unique neighborhoods and communities for a year (and hopefully more) of intentional engagement and relationship building with children and youth who are struggling in our neighborhoods: either directly, or through a local school or non-profit. There will be a large number of ways to participate within the Five Marks of Mission: Tend, Teach, Transform, Treasure, Tell. This framework will help to focus the ways in which we engage, but it will also be open and flexible enough for all to participate. Mission Opportunity 2014 is about connecting, and building a healthier community with all of God’s children. It’s about imagining and creating an alternative future with the children and youth in our neighborhoods. It’s about moving from problems to possibilities and helping young people to live into those possibilities! Some questions for faith communities are:

  • What are the struggles of children and youth in our community?
  • Where do our gifts meet these needs?
  • How can our faith community build or enhance intentional relationships with children and youth and/or schools/organizations that work with children and youth?
  • Is there a school or a non-profit that we can partner with?
  • How can we go deeper into our overall witness: through study, reflection, teaching, preaching, worship, and prayer?

Mission Opportunity 2014 will be launched at the 156th Convention of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota in September! To learn more click here.

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