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Haiti Scholarship Program

Haitian School Children

St. Mary’s is actively engaged in an ongoing Mission Partnership with the Society of St. Margaret, an Episcopal Religious Order, to help sustain a scholarship program for children and young people in Haiti who otherwise would be forced to drop out of school for lack of ability to pay even minimal fees. Haitian children are not provided with free, public education as we are in the United States. These scholarships support any child in any school that is in danger of having to drop out because they cannot pay the modest fees required to continue their education.

haiti-1317854534Since the 2010 earthquake and its aftermath, this Scholarship Program has become a major pastoral and outreach mission. Education is a precious privilege – the door to the future for Haiti and Haiti’s children. The cost of tuition from pre-school to the end of secondary school varies from $250 to $1000 US dollars per child per year. St. Mary's Church has donated over $5000 to help transform the lives of Haitian children and bring them the gift of hope.

For more information about our Mission Partner in Haiti, the Sisters of St. Margaret, click here.

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